Internet Savvy Certified Social Media Consultant




Julia Abramson is an Internet savvy Certified Social Media Consultant who

specializes in online social media marketing services for small businesses of

every type. She started At Net Media to help businesses and professionals establish

and expand their online presence.


After years of online real estate marketing, sales and extensive video editing, Julia realized that she has a definite talent for guiding friends and colleagues in their online marketing endeavors. They particularly appreciated her common sense approach and stylish flair. Julia subsequently decided to pursue an Integrated and Social Media Marketing certification via an intense program at San Francisco State University. 


Warm Style Combined with Sharp Business Acumen


Julia found that her personal attributes—particularly her warm and attentive communication style as well as her sharp business acumen – led to a quickly growing clientele. Her signature approach toward all clients is to listen carefully to their needs and wants, both explicit and implicit, and to deliver high quality, personalized service that produces quick results. Julia has a remarkable ability to build and optimize social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs, etc.) and help her clients market their services online in effective and targeted ways.

Not surprisingly, Julia’s clients have described her as “brilliant at what she does,” “supportive,” and "tenacious, dedicated, and valuable in establishing their meaningful online presence."  Julia's understanding of the changing trends of social media marketing, coupled with her marketing savvy, makes her a natural choice for businesses that are looking for a Social Media Consultant to help them optimize their online presence.